Jacob Still

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About Me

I am a student at Saddleback Community College in the computer engineering and cyber security program.

I have been interested in computers and electronics since I was very young and have been tinkering ever since. I have a large collection of completed, ongoing, and abandoned projects. I have a passion for building hardware related CS projects.

I am doing what I can to add all of my projects here, But going through them is time consuming. I am also working to improve this site and add ssl.

My Projects



Distance Between Points Based Encryption uses fundamental 2D algebraic equations to encrypt data. While this method is mathematically more complicated than say AES, DBPBE offers a more secure synchronous cryptographic cipher.


C++ Containers

Drop-in replacements for STL containers list, queue, stack, string, and vector. All containers compile and run with no errors or memory leaks except stack and vector. They both contain memory leaks and I am too lazy right now to debug them.

Custom Scripts

These are some bash scripts that I use on a daily basis to make my life easier. I use i3wm so these scripts are used to automate some repetitive tasks that I found myself doing. The scripts are "done", however I am constantly updating them to make them faster or incorporate features I need. I would expect these to be helpful to anyone, though may need some modifications to work with other systems.


This is a fork of sundowndev's project that adds a cron job for wiping logfiles after a user has disconnected from a host. This allows for ~100% log erasure (normally when run, covermyass won't be able to delete the log of a user disconnecting from a system)

Remove Windows Bloatware

This is a script to de-bloat Windows. The README contains all the info about it (please read it). While I don't use windows very often, I want to keep this as updated as possible so I can de-bloat my VMs as well as PCs of friends and family.

OS Fingerprinter

I started work on a script originally meant for the P4wnP1 which transitioned into trying to write a linux kernel module that would allow for hardware level usb analysis. I abandoned this project since I didn't have that great understanding of the linux kernel to be able to modify it.

Arduino Stuff

I had many arduino projects over my high school years. They are all from before taking actual programming classes in college. Unfortunately, they were on a drive that was corrupted. These are what I was able to recover.



This is a reprogrammable replica of the famous TIL311 based on the ATmega328p with the help of my friend Alex. As old chips from the 70s and 80s become harder and harder to get my hands on as well as more and more expensive, I wanted to create a replica with a modern twist. While the firmware for the chip is done, I have found soldering the chips to the board with reliable connections very difficult.


I built the breadboard computer that Ben Eater shows on his youtube chanel back in 2017. I started upgrading it fully to 8-bit instructions but have not finished it.

VIC-20/C64 Expansion Card

I will update this when I can.


A collection of all the datasheets I have.


Incident Response

This was a project for the CEH class I took in Spring 2020. It is an overview of the various technologies and protocols commonly seen throughout the information security world.

There are definitely more things that are not here yet. I am working on adding more.